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Town of duanesburg tax roll dating a psychotherapist The Town, for the following reasons, is not seeking to foreclose on all 38 Listed Tax Liens. The affirmation submitted by Town Attorney William Maker identifies putative lien holders for five of the Ram - Palumbo Parcels that being the Mauro, Campbell, Petruzzo, Gaines and Palumbo parcels , with one particular parcel, that of John Campbell, section, block and lot 8-33-12, having five separate putative lienholders. Accordingly, the Town is not seeking relief with respect to the Mauro, Campbell, Petruzzo, Gaines and Palumbo parcels at this time, and seeks an order severing their liens from the instant tax foreclosure proceeding. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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As supervisor had sought replacement, Knox assessor plans to leave his post in the fall Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 15.22 by H. Rose Schneider The Enterprise — H. Rose Schneider Russell Pokorny said he chose to leave his position as town assessor at the end of his term in 2019 in part because the town supervisor had already intended to replace him in 2018. He noted that the town had advertised in 2018 for assessor applicants. Pokorny told The Enterprise on Jan.

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