Long Island Medium's Larry Caputo Opens Up About What Went Wrong in His Marriage to Theresa

Victoria caputo baby how i met your mother the window full episode While some fans may have been holding out that they'll reunite, it doesn't seem to be likely. In fact, they're even living on opposite ends of the country. So what is Larry Caputo doing in Los Angeles? He doesn't have as strong of a social media presence as Theresa, so it may be harder to keep up with him. Theresa and Larry had been married 28 years before announcing their split in December. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Across from me sat the medium a friend had sworn by. She described my father as a veteran he was , who liked to cook he did. The message she said he wished to relay to me resonated, quite deeply, but it was what she said to me as we were talking about my budding writing career that turned me into a believer. As a joke. A wiseass even in the afterlife?

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Theresa Caputo’s Ex-Husband Larry Is Dating

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Theresa Caputo Reads Ellen's Audience