'WooPlus': The Tinder App For Plus-Sized Women We Never Asked For

Wooplus faq online dating benefits articles How can I match with a profile I like? To like a profile, tap on the "tick" button at the bottom of the profile card. To increase your chances of getting a like back from this profile, you can also send a Crush. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Home Blog Press WooPlus is still new to the dating app scene, and you may have questions about things you have seen on the website or on the app, so we have done our best to answer them all for you below! Hopefully, this makes your WooPlus experience even better. BBW is a shorthand term for women that are big and beautiful. It is used to identify any women who are bigger. BBW range from being just a little curvy to chubby to obese.


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