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Lancelot du lac bresson walking tall girl at bar Set in the medieval age, the story tells of the Arthurian legend of the Knights of The Round Table, focusing entirely on the aftermath of the quest for the Holy Grail. Unlike essentially every film or story based on this legend, the characters are seen as fallible humans with rather unhealthy dispositions; they are greedy, violent, vengeful, and adulterous. While the story of King Arthur is legend, Bresson strips it down to its bare essentials, transforming the fantasy into grim reality. While one can see that the settings, events, and general lifestyle is as described in myth, the people are not seen as fictional, supernatural characters, but as humans, simply living in a foreign day and age. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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It was to mark their apogee; it marks their decline. In fact, the youngest of the knights, Perceval Parsifal , "The Pure", is the only one able to approach the Grail and seize it. After which he leaves for Jerusalem with the divine relic.

Excalibur -- Lancelot & Guinevere

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Issue 36 At the very heart of Lancelot du Lac 1974 , Robert Bresson places a single, resonant shot. Lancelot Luc Simon comes through a door and approaches a crucifix in the foreground of the shot, slightly out of focus. Deliver me from a temptation I can hardly resist. A true cinematographic master, Bresson would never have left the crucifix out of focus by accident; it remains so only with distinct purposefulness.

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A Gentle Woman

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