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List of rallies for hillary clinton are there any dating pages on facebook A packed race for the White House. Winnowing them down could be particularly tough for voters and contributors, because most of the candidates seem to be running on pretty similar platforms—promoting universal healthcare, pushing for regulations to curb climate change, reducing inequality, and improving conditions for the American middle class. Here is a look at who is officially running—in the order they entered the race—followed by those who have formed committees, and those seen as likely to run. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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From the beginning of September, the presidential race fluctuated between Clinton leading by a wide margin and Trump closing the gap. The emails in question came from the laptop of disgraced Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner who was being investigated for alleged sexual communications with a minor. Election Day Pollsters and poll aggregators predicted a Clinton win on election day.

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The agency learned how to use platforms like Facebook and Twitter over the span of four years. By the end, it used analytical tools and the built-in network effect of massive social media platforms to create large artificial grassroots political organizations that were aggressively targeting both Republicans and Democrats. The IRA was able to reach up to 126 million Americans on Facebook via a mixture of fraudulent accounts, groups, and advertisements, the report says. Twitter accounts it created were portrayed as real American voices by major news outlets. It was even able to hold real-life rallies, mobilizing hundreds of people at a time in major cities like Philadelphia and Miami.

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Sununu, 77, a former governor known for his irascible temper, introduced Mr. Trump with a crude joke about the Clintons. Sununu cracked, drawing laughter from the crowd. Clinton, in contrast, has sought to overwhelm the political map with popular advocates for her campaign, deploying them to reinforce her support in the biggest states that will decide the election. Her surrogates have matched their schedules to voting deadlines across the country. In Fayetteville, N.

Donald Trump Rally Draws 7,000 People While 600 Show for Hillary Clinton

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