NBC's 'Chicago' Crossover Event — Who Lived & Who Died?

Who died on chicago fire episode agency dating sites Chicago Fire wrapped up its latest season with an exciting new relationship, and a cold case investigation leading to shocking cliffhanger. Spoilers ahead for Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 22. "I'm Not Leaving You" The eventful finale episode started with a literal bang when the firehouse is surprised after an 8-year-old crashes a car as he desperately tried to take his mother to safety as she gave birth to a child in the backseat. After helping the family with the safe delivery of the new baby, the episode circles back on Severide Taylor Kinney as he continues to work on the arsonist cold case his father was working on before his death. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Fans watched in the first hour as the Windy City's firefighters answered the call about a fire at a high-rise apartment complex. Hundreds were trapped inside as Severide Taylor Kinney , Casey Jesse Spencer , Boden Eamonn Walker , and the rest of their squad raced up the building directing scared civilians and battled the flames. After people were rescued they were bused off Gaffney Chicago Medical Center for life-saving treatment. And finally, it was discovered this fire wasn't accidental. The PD team tracked the arsonist responsible for the horrific day and brought him to justice.

Chicago Fire - The Fight of His Life (Episode Highlight)

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Emergency Evacuation - Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

Casey Says Good Bye - Chicago Fire

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