Sophia Bush Breaks Down Decision to Leave ‘Chicago P.D.,’ Being ‘Assaulted’ in a Room Full of Men

Who is erin lindsays biological father pero like meaning She is miffed by the offer and leaves the bar with the thought he will be in town for a few days. Across town, the unit comes to a football field where a young black girl is found dead. Protesters gather at the scene demanding an answer for why their girls are being targeted. A couple months ago, another young black girl was murdered in the city with no leads on the killer. Back at the station, Voight explains Ruzek went on an undercover at his request. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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References Background and characterization In season 1 of Chicago P. Her unwavering loyalty to Voight is explained as her background is gradually revealed. She is generally unfazed by the gangsters, drug lords, and physically intimidating suspects the unit encounter on a regular basis.

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Read on to find out what went on with the leading ladies of Chicago P. As expected, it does not go well and ends with Lindsay causing a scene at the diner smashing things off the table, screaming and storming out. Later when she goes to break the news to Jimmy, he accuses her and her mother of being con artists and warns her to stay away from him. Their investigation leads them to a young woman whom Burgess ends up chasing down before she and Olinksy bring the girl in.

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April 4, 2014 I've been intrigued by this character from the very start, given how secretive she is about her past and how tight a relationship she appears to have with Voight - a guy who isn't exactly known for softness and affection. So far, we know little about her, other than she met Voight at 15, became his CI and then moved in with him and his wife at age 16. At that time, they sent her to a private Catholic school for a fresh start, and then she presumably went on to college and the police academy. While we don't know precisely when or how Mrs.

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