WikiLeaks list of Black Money holders in Swiss bank is a fake one

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The list has 2000 names with majority from India. The entire list is on rapid share server, the address is 88. The few names of the Swiss bank Account holders, which are displayed below include names of prominent public figures and people from the corporate world. Though the wiki leaks have claimed another 985 Indian Account holders in Swiss banks. Some of the prominent names appearing arePrabodh Mehta,Chintan Gandhi[ 1956 cr.

Money Of Indians In Swiss Banks Rises 50% To Over Rs. 7,000 Crore

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Story Swiss Bank data puts Modi govt in damage control mode In 2016, funds stashed by Indians in Swiss banks had fallen by 45 per cent to Rs 4,500 crore. The drop was the highest since the Swiss banks shed their secrecy clauses that shielded depositors in 1987. The latest data shows that the money parked directly with the banks is now pegged at Rs 6,891 crore and another Rs 112 crore through fiduciaries.

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