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Maybe it's because her aunt is Julia Roberts, maybe it's because she plays the resident villainess on American Horror Story, or maybe it's because Emma Roberts is engaged to Evan Peters , her AHS co-star and one of the only blondes on earth I find attractive. Roberts and Peters have been dating since 2012, from what nosy sources can gather. They first met on the set of the film Adult World, where apparently Peters gave adorable Roberts the cold shoulder. As she told Chelsea Handler, the actor didn't talk to her for the entire duration of filming.

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Unlike in the film, Foxx bonded with Cruise as a friend, and would later provide a shoulder to cry on once TomKat came to an end in 2012. But in a huge surprise to those of us who saw the electrifying chemistry on display in Collateral, Jamie instead wound up with Katie. Foxx and Holmes are an excellent example on how to handle a tricky situation. The couple has tread very carefully, but a few too many pictures together at beaches and dinners have finally exposed them to the world.

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