Chelsea Handler Grills Her Ex

Chelsea handler dating history dating show sat 1 2019 Jan 19, 2016 Brian Bowen Smith When the director of my documentary on marriage asked me which of my ex-boyfriends I would like to interview on camera, I told him, "We're going to have to hire an actor. In fact, the only ex I ever considered myself to be on speaking terms with is the one person with whom I'd gone the longest without speaking. Peter. He was a tall, handsome British guy who would come into the Los Angeles restaurant where I waited tables and flirt with me. His recollection, I soon found out, was that I forced myself on him and wouldn't give up until he agreed to be my boyfriend. Peter, though, was my first adult love—and the heartbreak for me that paved the way for all future heartbreaks. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Yes, it is true. And there are a few more who might surprise who! Find out yourself everything about Chelsea Handler with this article. Bio Chelsea Handler Chelsea Handler is an American is a comedian, actress, writer, tv host, and producer. Her mother was a homemaker and father was a car dealer.

Chelsea Handler Looks Back on Her Relationship With Ted Harbert

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HOWARD STERN: 50 Cent talks about dating Chelsea Handler & talking to Michael Jackson

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