People think I look like my girlfriend – but it's natural to desire your doppelganger

Dating someone you look like elite dating san francisco She bore a striking resemblance to her then-boyfriend, Greg — from their hair colors and complexions down to their facial expressions — and for years, people had commented that they looked related. Back in 1987 , scientists from the University of Michigan set out to study the phenomenon of married couples who grow to look more alike over time. Their theory, which scientists still cite today, was that decades of shared emotions result in a closer resemblance due to similar wrinkles and expressions. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

couples that look alike stay together

They refer to themselves in the plural, have matching shirts, and — oddly — even seem to look like each other. Those first two can be stopped, but science has declared that, indeed, the longer you're with a partner and we're talking seriously long-term here; decades, not months , the more you resemble each other. It's called convergence of appearance , if you want to get technical. But researchers are still undecided as to why couples start to dress and look alike. There are a few competing theories about why your Aunt Wilma and Uncle Wilbur could easily pass for each other in a badly-lit room.

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couples that look alike are soulmates

According to a new study by various research institutions in Germany, we are attracted to people who are similar to us , as opposed to someone who is our opposite. Yes, your partner actually might look just like your mom, but you also might just be in severe denial about it. The researchers examined how attraction works in the brain by studying how 19 men and 21 women responded to videos of six women exhibiting facial expressions of either fear or sadness. From there, the volunteers were asked if they wanted to meet these women in real life and, if so, how much did they want to meet them in real life. In other words, the attraction was based on how confident the participants were in understanding the women in the video, an understanding that linked them as opposed to divided them.

Because she was just like Ted. they shared the same dorky interests, a similar sense of humor and a taste in yellow umbrellas. They even shared the same initials! Is it someone who complements us? Or is it someone who looks, thinks and acts like us?

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Share Popular wisdom tells us that opposites attract. It's no mistake. We end up with people who look like us. Don't get too freaked out when you realize your boyfriend has that same square jaw, or your girlfriend is also a brunette with killer dimples, or that everyone always mistakes you for siblings. Science can explain why so many of us end up dating and marrying people who resemble us. We're attracted to familiarity.