Is Your Spouse Defensive? Read this!

Defensive behavior in marriage random stranger video call app Contact Defensiveness in Marriage One core problem in marriage that fights against meekness is criticism. According to marriage expert, Dr. John Gottman, criticism leads to defensiveness, and defensiveness leads to withdrawal. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

They get so defensive if I say anything at all. Wait… am I? How did I not know this about myself? I had nothing to say after he made his very nonchalant observation. I swallowed his words and tried to be much more thoughtful about the way I responded to situations and comments that frustrated me.

By Bibi Deitz Aug 29 2016 Defensiveness in communication is pretty much the worst. So what do you do if your partner defensive , and it's plaguing your every conversation? For starters, give yourself a cold, hard look. According to 10 super-smart relationship experts, the problem is often coming from within the house when defensiveness crops up in a romantic relationship.

How To Handle Defensive Communication by Dr. Patty Malone

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Defense Mechanisms Examples: How to Not be Defensive

How Not to Be Defensive in Relationships