When Being a Loner Isn’t a Choice: Schizoid Personality Disorder

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What about your own mother or father. If this sounds familiar, then perhaps this article is for you. About 5. This article will explore avoidant personalities and offer tips on how to cope with an avoidant personality.

Seven Myths about Schizoid Personality Disorder

Other mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety Other personality disorders, particularly borderline and narcissistic personality disorders Committing serious crimes that may result in imprisonment Treatment The most important goals of treating antisocial behavior are to measure and describe the individual child's or adolescent's actual problem behaviors and to effectively teach him or her the positive behaviors that should be adopted instead. In severe cases, medication will be administered to control behavior, but it should not be used as a substitute for therapy. In a review of the effectiveness of treatments for antisocial personality disorder Garrido et al 1995 concluded that treatment is more effective with those subjects who are not currently abusing drugs, who have less serious histories of criminality, and who are treated in an institutional setting such as an inpatient unit or a prison rather than in an outpatient setting. As an example Dolan 1998 describes a therapeutic community program for antisocial patients and those with other violent personality disorders that is successful in reducing not only impulsive behaviors but also physical health problems, rates of incarceration for criminal offenses, and core features of personality disorder.

Scott is the regional manager at Dunder Mifflin Inc. There are no known medical conditions held by Scott, though his family history is unknown. He claims to be of English, Irish, German, Scottish, and Native American descent, though this is unconfirmed, and perhaps an exaggeration. Despite his seemingly composed demeanor, Scott displays exaggerated emotions and reactions. In addition to this, romantic relationships have proven turbulent for Scott throughout his life, as he goes from one relationship to the next with the other person usually being the one to end it.

My Friend with Borderline Personality Disorder

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