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Someone is using my gmail address to register dating after being with a sociopath In 2009, a San Francisco web strategist named Tim — last name withheld for reasons that will become clear — opened his Gmail to find a message from a Build-a-Bear workshop in St. The email was addressed to someone called Tamara. That's odd, thought Tim, but thought little more about it. Days later he received an email directed at someone called Toby. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

someone is using my gmail account

I then argue that the dots do matter, and that this Gmail feature is in fact a misfeature. No phishing here. I finally realized that this email is to james. I normally use jameshfisher gmail. For example, if your email is johnsmith gmail.

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That being said, if a new or interesting attack pops up we like to share it with our readers. This is a story about how my Amazon account was broken into, likely as a result of me stupidly using similar passwords in different accounts—an annoying but common attack. What happened next, however, changed it from a run-of-the-mill account breach into a story about perpetrators using registration bots to launch a smokescreen—an attack method I found extremely interesting.

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