Marriage in Traditional African Society and It’s Televance Essay

Traditional african marriage is an advantage for man only dating violence and awareness Nothing wrong my dear Just that I would have much more important things than worrying about if my pounded yam has seeds in it, or if my bitter leaf soup is too bitter. Something's are complimentary for me not an obligation. Virtuous woman indeed! Pounding yam is even a worst case scenario but it's just a pointer to how ladies will look the other way cos African culture does not benefit them. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Marriage Updated on June 17, 2019 more Paul studied philosophy at the University of Leicester, UK and has done a variety of jobs since, including advocate, librarian, and writer. At one time, almost everyone was expected to get married. Nowadays, it is viewed as more of a personal choice.

Celebration of pure African marriage

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The first is that the context of this article is sub-Sahara Africa. Within that context, I use "traditional" in the sense of what was customary up to the time of independence, i. There are two further important points to be borne in mind. a to speak of "African customs" or "African culture" is necessarily to generalize, and all generalizations are subject to many particular exceptions in fact, there is not just one "African culture" but many cultures in Africa ; b traditional African values are currently being subjected to strong pressures, coming mainly from the West, and are changing fast particularly in urban environments.

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Traditional African Wedding & American Wedding, All In One Weekend!

African Women Who Marry Other Women To Bear Children For Them

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